Learning Interaction Design with Dinesh Abiram sir

Day 1

The first thing that used to come to my mind when I come across UI/UX Design was Coding, also I thought it was a very new area of work, but now when we have had a discussion about what Interaction design is and its history, I got to know that Innovations were only possible due to Interaction, without any interaction no significant change is possible but turns out humans were smart enough to find a medium of interaction, and the oldest known method being communication through language which gradually helped humans to lead a better life as they started to understand their necessities and found a way to fulfill them.

We also learned that the most important aspect of any product is the experience part of it, it is judged on the basis of how it interacts with its user. This is why a design is always human-centric and functions according to it.There are many such inventions around us that made human lives easier and better and this has been possible only after figuring out how humans see, touch, feel and overall interact with it. So, studying human behavior helps a lot to make a good product.

For a design to be a good design it should follow a few principles, which requires the design to be innovative, understandable, unobtrusive etc. which makes it easier for the user to use it easily and efficiently. In my view, one of the best examples of innovative design that we use daily is the wall clock, it is the simplest and easiest way to have a count of time.

Day 2

As mentioned earlier, the experience part of a product is the most important aspect of a product. Now, the challenge is the experience is subjective it depends on who is the user, where it is being used when it is being used. To find a solution to this, we were given an assignment where we mapped our daily life activities on a sheet of paper. This was very interesting for me, as I came across many interactions that I did with my surroundings on daily basis but never really paid attention to the details. Like I daily hear a thump at the door in the morning which says the newspaper is here, the bell rings once in the morning when milk is delivered, I realized that my life revolves around this certain sounds and visuals (visuals include traffic on the road, cobbler working on the opposite footpath.) and these things make a pattern which keeps repeating every day. Likewise, people living in different surroundings than me will also have a fashion of living in their daily life and they would react accordingly. Analyzing this I come to a conclusion that people follow a certain pattern in their life which highly influenced by their surroundings including, humans, trees, animals, vehicles, etc.

Day 3

We were introduced to speculative design today, this word itself was very heavy for us to understand but due to some good examples by Dinesh sir and the discussions that happened in the class we could get a gist of it and started working on another assignment where we put into use our learnings from previous assignment and made an explanation of the interaction aspect of a product that can be made available in future which makes our life easier than it is now and has a solution to the problems which an existing product can’t fix. I decided to work on windows as windows at my place have a lot of influence on my life. Then after referring to some videos and articles related to the topic and gaining a bit of my knowledge about the same, we improvised on my layouts and received a good critique on it. Dinesh sir’s feedback is very much helpful as he is very specific and guides us on how to proceed further from a point.

Day 4

On the final day, we all presented our final draft of interaction detail of our product on which we had reworked keeping in mind all the points mentioned in the critique, and then again after receiving the final critique we were asked to make a final assignment. In this class as not many people were contributing to group communication, this class was not as productive as usual. But then Dinesh sir did his best and reviewed the ones who were ready to present and also shared a lot of insights about Interaction Design. The best thing is, in these 4 days as we were clear about what interaction design actually is and how it is different from communication and why do we need to study human behaviors for it, and what is the scope of it in the future. Dinesh sir is best suitable faculty for this in my view because he keeps sharing his experiences with us wherever related and keeps us engaged throughout the session, He also has a very powerful aura that motivated us to keep moving forward learning from our mistakes. I, now no more associate Interaction Design with tons of codes, but maybe I do as it does include color codes, behavioral codes among others.